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"After Constantine" is a peer-reviewed and open-access academic journal and it is published online once a year. Its purpose is to bring Late Antiquity to the spotlight by hosting papers that underline its importance to classic and byzantine studies and contribute to a better piece of knowledge in the academic community.

Our journal encourages the dialogue between historical, archaeological, and theological subjects, relevant to late antique and early byzantine period in the East. The academic team of the journal consists of scholars of different kinds of interests (philology, archaeology, history, palaeography), constructing in that way an interdisciplinary profile of the journal, encouraging the submission of relevant papers, and marking the 4rth century A.D. as its inaugural period.

"After Constantine" supports the studies of young scholars too by hosting their papers, contributing in that way to a promotion of their scientific interests and work.

Candidates are invited to submit their papers by November 30 of 2020

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